If you would like to access the Restorative Justice Implementation Pack and Resources for use in your School, please fill in your name and email address in the box to the left and press send - you will then be given a password. Please cut and paste the password and click on the top tab to go to either of the download pages where you will be able to access the Implementation Pack and Resources.

Aim: We have seen so many schools wishing to develop a restorative approach re-invent so many of the same documents that we decided to produce a restorative approaches school implementation pack that we hope may support and guide you through this whole process.

You are welcome to use any of our documents; if you wish to amend them and make them your own we are happy to send you blank copies in a suitable format for your school without our logo and signage.

This pack contains four main sections ...

Guides:- to the many aspects of restorative practice

Specimen documents:- examples of pre-existing documents that we and other schools have developed - for guidance and inspiration!

Resources:- document templates of all of the supporting documents a restorative school may wish to produce

Training Resources:- We have many presentations that you are welcome to use. As part of our pack we offer a basic introduction, a workshop on restorative language and a twilight presentation. If you would like support using the presentations you are also welcome to contact us for advice by emailing us at

You are able to download a free pdf e-version of our pack containing all the above please simply fill out the contact form on the left hand vertical banner and you will be able to access the download area.

Blank, formattable copies of our resources for your school to attach their own logos are available by email for £25.99