It has become widely recognised that Restorative Approaches can have a beneficial effect in many settings. These include:-

~ Youth Offending
~ Youth Offending Institutions and the Secure Estate
~ Residential Care Settings
~ Foster Placements
~ Policing
~ Special Education/ Alternative Curriculum
~ Teenage Domestic Violence in the Home

Over the last six years we have become highly experienced in delivering training to areas outside of Education. Our Director Lynne Russell has direct experience of working within a Youth Offending Team and has built on this experience to deliver training to Youth Offending Teams, Secure Estate and YOI’s, Looked After Children within both a Residential Care Home setting and directly with Foster Carers.

Restorative Justice and
Youth Offending


At Restorative Justice 4 Schools we have direct experience of working within Youth Justice.  We have delivered awareness, conference, victim engagement and Manager's training to a number of English and Welsh Youth Offending Teams.  The Youth Justice Board's publication Key Elements of Effective Practice: Restorative Justice defines the key aims or outcomes of restorative justice as ....
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Restorative Practices within
Residential Care Settings


Restorative justice is a term used to describe processes that aim to address the harm caused by a criminal offence or a non-criminal incident ....
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