Aims: to give any young person but especially those with a special needs i.e. statement of education needs or from a looked after background an opportunity to develop greater conflict resolution skills so they are able to

~ De-escalate conflict
~ Resolve conflict in a more restorative way
~ Recognise good choices that deal effectively with conflict
~ Have a confident understanding of the strategies that work for them.

Background: we have found from our experience of working directly with so many children from vulnerable backgrounds that they especially benefit from the opportunity to think about conflict their choices, the possible outcomes and yet so often they are the ones excluded from conferencing because schools think they are unable to participate fully.

Our Training: give young people an opportunity in a fun, interesting way to think about;

~ How does trouble start?
~ What choices do you have?~ What are the outcomes from those choices? 
~ Which choices cause more trouble?
~ What makes a choice a good choice?

By giving a young person the opportunity to think about these choices we aim to build on their skills so they are able to more often:-

~ Move from conflict to a restorative solution
~ Allow everyone to feel
        - heard
        - treated faired
        - able to move on
~ Clear idea of how to make choices in the future
~ Recognise remorse and move on 

When to use - we can work with a small group of pupils or on a one to one depending on the needs of each individual group. The training can be delivered in a morning, afternoon or in three x one hour sessions to meet the needs of the pupil(s).

Please contact us for more details of how we could deliver this training within your setting.